Monday, September 13, 2010

A friend just asked what she should do for her daughter's birthday.
There was never any question what we would do for Ruby's 4th...
she wanted a "Princess Party".
And anyone who knows Ruby knows she likes it "fancy".
So, we rented a 12' table and cleared the living room.
Got out the china, set the table (with place cards of course)
served mint tea, cucumber sandwiches, edamame and
strawberries (all Ruby's favorites). Jannie made one of
her famous cakes, and a party was had by all. Quite civilized at that!

invite by erika jack

george claiming his seat

pre party excitement

place settings

the "princess cake" adorn with diamonds and fresh ranunculus

the grandmother's in their queen attire

the knight, the queen (tulip) and the princess

"Snow White" popped in for a sip of tea


photos by christy ford

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